Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Copier zoom: 120%

This plant looks like I put it on the copy machine and zoomed it 120%. Look at this photo compared to one 9 days ago. It has now crossed the walking path! It is so fun to see something grow so quickly.

On the downside - still no official pumpkin. New business created here - Richardson's Fertility Clinic. We specialize in pumpkins, but maybe we'll expand into other areas soon. I hand fertilized a few girlie flowers with the stamen from a couple of boy flowers. I will leave all the jokes, life lessons and gorey details out of this blog. One pumpkin seems to be taking. I worry because it is almost August and WE HAVE NO PUMPKIN!

I figure we have about 12 weeks until The Great Pumpkin appears and that means our pumpkin needs to gain 30 lbs/week to get to giant-size. That is IF we get a pumpkin!

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