Saturday, July 12, 2008

The start of a real pumpkin

It is the Richardson's 22nd wedding anniversary and what better way to celebrate it than by hovering over our newest family addition, our pumpkin plant. We have stopped measuring it using the yardstick and now just use garden landmarks, i.e. it is now beginning to climb the little wall, almost creeping into the walkway. We are beginning to realize that this vine may indeed hinder visitors entering our front door in the near future!

Another exciting happening is the start of our first potential baby pumpkin!!! I posted a photo of it below. It, of course, is growing in a very precarious spot on the vine that will absolutely not work out - it would eventually kill the vine since it is only about 2 feet from the root, so it won't be our real pumpkin, but it sure is cute to see it start up. So, our dilemna is whether we "off" it now and let the nutrients focus on another pumpkin or keep letting it grow for a bit. We'll keep you posted on what we decide...

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